Black-Owned Brands; The First (and only) Time I went viral!

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black designer sitting with her black-owned handbag brand

Black-Owned Brands; The First (and only) Time I went viral!

In 2013, published an article on the top 5 black-owned handbag brands. Back then, instagram was not so saturated, algorithms gave everyone a fair chance to be seen, and real people, rather than bots were running ig accounts. I boldly messaged the publication to ask if I could be included. They swiftly responded that once I updated my site they would be happy to give me an honorary mention. This should have been my cue that I wasn’t ready but always the hustler I updated my site. They included my brand and the rest was history. People were all over my page commenting, following and sharing. I was on top of the moon. However, when the fanfare subsided 3 days later, and I went back to my usual business, I felt a deep sense of failure. The hype ended.

Years later as I struggle to be seen, I realised that I had gone viral too early. My website did not have a functioning online store. I was still just making bags sporadically. Trying to juggle my day job and my side hustle proved difficult, and I simply did not have the time and the know how to leverage this popularity effectively. I knew I had to make a change, or I would be spinning in mud with no advancement. This was one of the catalysts that propelled me to quit my day job and focus on this business 100%. It’s been 4 since I’ve gone full time and I can now boast several other features in magazines such as; Italian Vogue, Pride UK, She magazine and Elements Magazine.

Fast forward 7 years later and the Buy Black movement is trending more now than ever before. Skeptics question the timing of this, but those of us who been in the know been hashtagging #buyblack for several years. The My Black Receipt campaign mobilized consumers to spend half a million dollars in 3 days supporting black own businesses. And now I am ready! I have a new site with a great online store, new logo, new look and a small team to make things happen. And whereas I long to go viral again, I am still grateful to bide my time and let the sales steadily come in. It is a beautiful thing to see my community thrive and become successful entrepreneurs. We are providing much needed diverse options for consumers, and are also introducing the wider community to a different aesthetic.

The media house ran the article on Black-owned Handbag Brands again in 2019. They included a few more designers and has remained one of the top drivers of traffic to my website to date! But that article isn’t alone in contributing to the success of meme bete. All of you who read, share comment and like are integral in both motivating me and motivating others to support me. Without you guys there is no meme bete. I appreciate each and every one of you, my “meme besties”!!!

The original article was updated in 2019, here is the link:

And before you go don’t forget to browse my online store!!

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