My Word of the Year

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My Word of the Year

I spent a lot of 2022 angry and really wanted to shift that mindset and energy for 2023. My Word of the Year in 2022 was “Fuck it”, I kid you not. I felt like the usual drunken debauchery for New Year’s Eve would not serve me. So instead, I got drunk and I did something meaningful. (Life is about balance right?) So after a raucous house party filled to capacity with 8 people (we party hard, what can I say LOL) and after no more than 3 hours of sleep I checked myself into a day spa for a day of meditation and intention setting.

Now this was really not my plan at all, and I did NOT go searching for this. I saw a new Day Spa in my area and thought maybe I could just relax for the day. When I called to ask if they would be open, they mentioned that they were having a special event. It was a weird conversation because the receptionist didn’t even try to sell me the event. I was about to hang up but my nosey ass was like well, what is this special event and that’s when she told me about the mindfulness retreat. After I hesitated for a day and half on whether I wanted to spend the money I took a leap of faith and went for it!

This was single handedly the best decision I made all year! (Yes it’s only been a month but a win is a win). It definitely helped me to reset and to rethink what I want out of life in general. It reminded me that I am great. And I don’t mean this in a pompous way. We are all great, but sometimes fear and shame hold us back. It was during a yoga/meditation session that a Goddess called Radiance, who assured us that this was indeed her real name said ‘Joy is your Divine Right’. This was a serious a-ha moment for me. This simple statement created a shift for me, and that’s how I knew that Joy would be my word for the year.

But what exactly does Joy mean? It may mean various things to different people but this video below sums it up nicely. Enjoy and Full-Joy!

Do you have a word for the Year? Let me know in the comments!

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  • Sam Reply

    I love the way that the things that we need just show up for us when we need it the most.

    February 9, 2023 at 2:18 pm

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