Wrapping Up Our Month-Long Tenth Anniversary Celebrations

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Wrapping Up Our Month-Long Tenth Anniversary Celebrations

It probably hasn?t escaped your attention that we turned ten in July. We celebrated all month long, starting by unveiling our new look logo and website, and then by rolling out a number of giveaways to thank our customers for their loyalty over the last decade. Below we take a look back at some of the highlights…

We started by introducing a selection of leather earrings, that we created from the cut-offs from our bags. This began as a novel way of repurposing materials that would otherwise be discarded, but the response has been so good that we have built the earrings into our collection, and we?re looking at introducing additional products shortly.

Next up was our TBT post. Looking back ten years to when we started the business we remembered time spent with friends in Ethiopia and Italy, and we asked our customers what they were doing at that time. The responses were really interesting, and often quite emotional, as people shared difficulties that they were facing at the time, and how they were able to move past them.

Our third contest required participants to spot the difference between two seemingly identical images. The variation was in the ears of the ?bete? within the logo, and we thought we?d made it too easy, but there were a surprising number of wrong answers, as well as plenty of people that thought the logo was actually a rabbit!

Before we knew it, Carnival was upon us! We had produced some cut-outs to celebrate our anniversary, and we asked participants to find Taribba at one of the f?tes, or on the road, take a selfie with her and the cut-out, and post it to social media. We didn?t get too many submissions on this one – perhaps because our Founder and Creative Director was having far too much fun to stand still for long enough to take a photo!

We were really fortunate to have been able to partner with Excellent Stores on our next contest, to give away a ?Liming Package? consisting of a Kai cross-body bag, and SOGO bluetooth speaker. Participants had to tag their liming buddy on either the m?me b?te? or Excellent Stores page, and we received over a hundred submissions. Unfortunately, there could be only one winner?

We had so much fun with the Spot The Difference earlier in the month that we gave people a second chance, this time making three slight changes to the image. However, our followers are just too observant, and it didn?t take long for people to pick out the differences. Perhaps we should have posted identical images to see how long people would spend looking!

Then came the rain, and all we could think about was comfort food, specifically green figs and chicken backs! Taribba visited her produce supplier at the market, and was surprised at how many green figs her Descartes bag actually held, so we decided to have a little fun to see who could guess the number. The range of answers was fairly broad?

In our final contest we asked you to tag your girlfriend(s) and tell us and them how much they mean to you! The responses were both inspiring and touching, and we definitely felt the love on this one!

Congratulations to all of our winners, and thanks to everybody that took part. We had a lot of fun, and your participation made all the difference. Here’s to another ten…

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