Join Us At Carifesta 2019

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Join Us At Carifesta 2019

We are excited to announce that we will be heading to Trinidad & Tobago in a couple of weeks, to take part in the fourteenth Caribbean Festival of the Arts (CARIFESTA). The festival, which is held every two years, is the largest of its kind, and encompasses music, dance and folklore, as well as the artistic manifestations of painting, sculpture and craft.

?CARIFESTA embodies Caribbean integration. It is here that the people of the Region come together; co-mingle, creating one community, one people. That is integration. Further, this event strengthens the bonds between us, displays our creativity and ingenuity and demonstrates to the world the best that this Region has to offer. CARIFESTA celebrates our Caribbean being in a way that no other single event can.?

The theme for CARIFESTA XIV – Connect. Share. Invest. – focuses on both tangible and intangible aspects of cultural heritage and development, and seeks to embody and facilitate the objectives of the festival, that is to find ways and means for Caribbean people, artists, and cultural practitioners to connect with each other, share ideas, and invest in the development of our cultural explorations, products and exchanges, thus building stronger national, regional and creative industries.

In particular, we are looking forward to the Fashion event category, which aims to illustrate the creative genius and talents of regional fashion designers, and will feature fashion showcases, pop-up events, capsule shows, and a regional buyers trade mission.

If you’re planning on attending, be sure to come and visit our booth!

Check out the official CARIFESTA website here.

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