Taribba do Nascimento is a carnival baby through and through. She grew up surrounded by all things carnival, and learnt to make costumes at the mas camp at an early age. Her mother is a veteran bacchanalist having spearheaded one of the most popular St. Lucian Carnival Bands for over 30 years. Taribba now adds costume design to her list of accolades having designed for St. Lucia Carnival for 3 years. Her unique eye blends the more traditional mas with a modern feel.

Please click on any of the thumbnails below to enlarge the image. For any queries concerning costume design please feel free to email

même bête… presents, for Asari Tribe Carnival band, Fandango de Vera Cruz, the lost black people of Mexico. Register today for the St. Lucia Carnival 2019 experience, or visit Register now to take advantage of our early bird special!

Fandango de Vera Cruz Female

Optional Back Piece Female

Fandango de Vera Cruz Male


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